Postcard from New York: This Glorious Day

Track Field & Clouds, Hudson River Valley

Track Field & Clouds, Hudson River Valley

Last spring I started a photographic series at the Nyack High School athletic field. I was inspired by three things. The first was metaphysics, the large open expanse of blue sky and white clouds brought to mind pristine transcendent vistas painted by the Hudson River School Painters after travels here and further north. Second, I’m drawn to the suburban landscape because I grew up as it moved in… the time seemed right to wax nostalgic about athletic prowess played out my school sports field. The third reason is the color green and the color blue. I love the color blue because I love blue skies and white clouds above the color green and especially when a touch of red can be thrown in to break up those cool tones. I also love raking light. I connect raking light to summer time, to growing up where green manicured lawns, high landscaped hedges and the dappled shade tree light provided a fair amount of the mix. Read more…


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2 Responses to “Postcard from New York: This Glorious Day”

  1. MARK KRUGER says:

    Ali –
    “It’s best to aim for the mid tones in any type of photography, then bracket one stop over, one stop under to be certain, although I expose for the highlights a bit more because I want to retain definition in the clouds.”

    For all of those decades with my F-5, Fuji color and Ilford B/W
    I never, ever bracketed, but always worked with my custom printers to burn, dodge and otherwise claridy wht I was really after… Not much has changed for me, moving into digital. I “stalk” the shots, only one at a time. Now, I “tweak” a bit in PhotoShop, but I’m not good a it and I don’t like it much.

    The human soul was fashioned “by hand”. So should our art… IMHO.

    ~ Mark Kruger

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